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7-Days Big Island Hawaii Experience

7-Days Big Island Hawaii Experience
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8 Days/7 Night

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Hawaii Tour

As you may already know the Big Island of Hawaii is the largest one among all the Hawaiian islands. Because of its number one tourist attraction, the island expand every day.  The Big Island is also a top tourist destination for its exotic tropical climate, filled with lush forests and stunning waterfalls, as well as its gorgeous beaches. People come from all over the world to surf the huge Pacific waves, snorkel among the bright fish and coral, and dive to explore the diverse ocean life. What more can you ask for a perfect getaway with your family, love ones and lover. Big Island won't disaapoint your desire to have the most perfect vacation.


Day 1

Arrival on big island

Woman on Boat Ride

The Big Island is famous for its incredible natural attractions, especially the volcanoes and beautiful beaches. Start with getting a rental car that you can get at the Kona Airport.

Day 2

KONA (Kealakekua and Puʻuhonua o Honaunau)

Woman on Boat Ride

Kona, one of the districts on the Big Island is a good way to start your trip. Your first trip starts with a drive down the south Kona coast to explore Kealakekua Bay. The Bay has brilliant water that’s filled with beautiful corals and tropical fish. Activities include kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Lagoon like! After Kealakekua Bay, eat from a popular restaurant on the Kona coast, overlooking Kealakekua Bay at Coffee Shack. Where you can order their famous Kona coffee.  Then, continue to drive down south to the Puʻuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, also called City of Refugee to learn about the ancient practices and rituals of the native Hawaiians. Located at Honaunau Bay. It’s an 180-acre national park, once a place of refuge for ancient Hawaiian lawbreakers.

Day 3

Volcanoe National Park

Woman on Boat Ride

The third day of your trip gets more thrilling as you will drive 2+ hours to the famous volcano village. To make your long drive more enjoyable, stop along the way by Punalu'u Beach, a black sand beach famous for their sea turtles. Once you reach the volcano village, you’ll have a few hours for hiking and sightseeing. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is home of the two most active volcanoes in the world: Kilauea and Mauna Loa. At the park, go hike and get to see the Halemaumau crater and force vent of the Puu Oo.

Day 4

Puna (Lava Tree State Park)

Woman on Boat Ride

After your visit to the Volcanoes National Park, you are headed to one of the breathtaking districts on the Big Island, the Puna. Located at the end of Hwy 130 in Puna. Puna’s most dramatic destination is the Kalapana, it was once a historic town partially destroyed by the lava back in 1990. Lava Tree State Park. The place looks like a forest of lava trees. It is a seven-acre State Monument and is home to unusual lava tree structures that rise up out of the ground. Located Pahoa-Pohoiki Road (Hwy 132) 2.7 miles SE of Pahoa. Lava tree is definitely an easy walk, chance to see and take pictures of the Pele and an amazing sculpture garden.

Day 5


Woman on Boat Ride

Hilo is a district on the Big Island known for its tropical settings, cottages and camping cabins. Do your shoppings at the famous Farmers Market to see how the locals do their shopping. Also do some souvenir shopping or fresh fruits and bentos for lunch. Then drive up to Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. Garden has more than 200 types of palms, a giant jackfruit tree where the fruit is sometimes more than two feet long, a heliconia trail, an orchid garden, a banyan canyon, and more than 80 varieties and species of bromeliads.

Day 6

Hamakua Coast

Woman on Boat Ride

Hamakua Coast offers some breathtaking scenery! Start your trip by enjoying your winding and magical drive along the coast. Once you’ve reached highway 19 make sure to go to the Umauma Falls or the Akaka Falls State Park to see the two most famous waterfalls in Hawaii. Continuing north, stop at the town of Honokaa, has an amazing collection of shops and galleries. Also a great place to get some lunch. Then, at the end of highway 240 with just a short drive take you to Waipi’o Valley. Allow you a stunning view of the “Valley of Kings”, one of the most culturally significant spots for the native Hawaiians and a hot spot for the traditional cultivation of the “kalo” or taro crop.

Day 7


Woman on Boat Ride

Located on the northern end of the Big Island, just south of the oldest volcano on the island, Kohala. Waimea is known as an old ranchers town and it offers easy access to great hikes and see some beautiful beaches.   One highlight you can enjoy during your trip at Waimea is visiting the Pololu Valley. You’ll have a magnificent view over Pololu Valley and the impressive sea cliffs that slowly crumble into the ocean. Also visit the black sand beach of Pololu that is surrounded by high cliffs. Other things to do close to Pololu Valley is doing ATV tours or whale watching (dec-march).

As you can see, the Big Island of Hawaii is a dream destination with so many breathtaking and exoctic places you can visit. Whether your trip is for honeymoon, families, adventure, in Big Island they offer everything you wanted for a perfect vacation. But also keep in mind that it's always great to have a plan because the weather changes pretty fast in Hawaii. Overall, Hawaii is the place to be because it is a paradise that will definitely melt away your stress from planning, budgeting or traveling. As you see, Hawaii is a beautiful place, as a tourist it is our responsibility to be respectful towards the locals, wildlife and land because Hawaii's natural resources are valuable, it's up to us to help maintain these reosurces.

7-Days Big Island Hawaii Experience

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