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About Ultimate Vacations

Ultimate Vacations is the leisure division of International Travel Service which has been servicing the Hawaii market since 2009 and ITS has been servicing business and corporate accounts in Hawaii since 1946.  The staff is experience in both domestic and international destination, travel planning for conference and leisure vacations from cruising, family vacations, honeymoons & romance holidays to all destination road trips.

Ultimate Vacations specializes in air ~ room ~ car packages for Australia and New Zealand and in all-inclusive packages for Fiji and customize resorts & cruises in the South Pacific.  Our staff will customize packages to South East Asia, Japan and Western Europe. We offer special military rates for both active and retired military personal at special rates.

The staff at International Travel Service and Ultimate Vacations have worked in the travel field for over 25 + years each and each person has extensive training in many destinations.  As Managing Director of the firm, I have worked in the industry for 40 years and have spent many years in the airline and hotel industry in which I have gained a vast knowledge of tourism. 

Our company is always looking for talented individuals to join that have a strong background with a knowledge of the primary GDS systems.


-Earl Loo, Owner/Operator

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