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A new way to zoo | Taronga TV

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Taronga Zoo in Sydney had to close to the general public to comply with social distancing mandates and to ensure the health and safety of their guests. Luckily, essential zoo staff continue to work to ensure the welfare of their animals and their care still remains at the highest level of standards. To continue their commitments of conservation and education, they have introduced “Taronga TV,” an online project that will bring the Zoo directly into the living rooms of thousands of families. This is an on-going effort so new events and videos will be posted as they are created. Here are some of the video projects that they have posted.

Keeper Chats

Go behind the scenes and meet the friendly keepers at Taronga while the zoo is temporarily closed. These short clips give valuable information on the animals and their quirks, providing an intimate setting and encounter with the staff and the animals. Get up close and personal with the charismatic crew of Capybaras (the largest rodents in the world) or hang out with the Ring-tailed Lemurs, you will find a video that will inspire and make you smile.

Animal live-cams

Taronga Zoo has set up 24/7 live-streaming cameras around their zoo in Sydney so you can enjoy watching your favorite animals at any time of day. Spend time with their Sumatran tigers and watch the three cubs chasing, playing, or even jumping on their personal jeep. You can also view the mischievous elephant calf, Jai Dee, swim and play. More interested in a serene setting? The seal cam provides a sense of relaxation as you watch the seals playfully glide through crystal blue waters.

View the amazing shows

If the live-cams or behind the scenes features don’t quite fill your appetite of excitement, the shows and training presentations are the perfect fit for you. Get a first-hand experience of the seal show and exotic bird show from the comfort of your living room. Watch the seals catch fish, dive, and glide majestically through the tank as if you were right there live. The training sessions of the iconic Free Flight Bird Show over spectacular Sydney harbor will delight and inform.

For the Wild

Taronga’s commitment to the conservation of wildlife in Australia and around the world is the pinnacle of their vision. The belief that wildlife and people can share this planet through not only the protection of precious animals, but through education and conservation initiatives helps drive the staff and officials to create a better zoo. Their goal is for Taronga Zoo to grow and evolve through this unprecedented crisis and remain relevant with the community and world at large. Taronga TV is a step in this direction and continues to be updated with more exhibits and short videos to create better understanding and foster education. “For the Wild” is their mantra and vision of a shared future for present and future generations of wildlife and people.

Ultimate Vacations is a proud travel partner with the Taronga Zoo and wishes to share this zoo experience with the world. Although Taronga Zoo, their wildlife retreats, and room accommodations are temporarily closed, Ultimate Vacations can still provide you with booking information and travel opportunities to Taronga Zoo and Australia in later 2020 and beyond. Contact us today to learn more.

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