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Paul Gauguin Cruises introduces New COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Guaranteeing peace of mind while onboard the Gauguin

Paul Gauguin and Ponant (its parent company) have announced big changes in the cruise world with some of the most complete and high-tech medical upgrades, strengthening their already existing safest and top-rated protocols. Being a uniquely small cruise ship not only provides guests with the comforts of luxury and intimacy, but has also allowed the company to be one of the forerunners in deploying unprecedented safety measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They continue to maintain this high level of standard as a commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for vacationers, guests, crew members and medical staff. Their strict protocols use special approaches and expertise, unseen in the cruise industry, and mandates a “covid-safe” zone backed by 3-layers of shield zones and 6-key points of safety protocol with the goal of preserving a sanitary bubble around the ship, guaranteeing ultimate peace of mind when sailing onboard The Gauguin.

“COVID-Safe” Zone - 3 Shields

SHIELD Zone 1: Must meet strict conditions to enter the “COVID-Safe” area

Before boarding The Gauguin, every guest must adhere to the “Covid-safe” access protocols through these safety measures:

  • Every guest is given guidance on their vacation journey through Ponant’s sanitary protocol fact sheets

  • Mandatory medical check-in

  • Required Health questionnaires

  • Pre-boarding health check and screening

  • Disinfection zone for personal belongings

  • Temperature checks

These conditions ensure a maximum level of protection well above all standards in the global tourism industry to ensure the safety of the “Covid-Safe” area. This is the first layer of protection and provides a double precautionary protection principle: filtering and decontamination before entering and while onboard The Gauguin.

SHIELD Zone 2: Protecting the “COVID-Safe” area through disinfection and sanitary procedure

After guests are screened and able to access the “COVID-Safe” area (The Gauguin), guests and crew must maintain a mandatory sanitary protocol while every area onboard is cleaned to ensure total disinfection.

  • Guests are given “precautionary kits” which includes cloth masks, category 2 surgical masks, wipes, disinfectant sprays, and alcohol gel

  • For guests - wearing a mask is required in corridors, recommended the rest of the time

  • For crew - wearing a mask or protective face shield is mandatory when in contact with guests

  • 6 ft social distancing and protective barriers

  • Reinforced cleaning following strict protocols (using virucidal products for each area)

  • Air is cleaned and renewed

  • Automated and systematic temperature measurement terminals at each passage at and through strategic locations

  • PCR tests available onboard under medical decision

SHIELD 3: Monitoring the “COVID-Safe” area through medical supervision

To ensure all safety protocols are met, the “COVID-Safe” area onboard The Gauguin is tracked and overseen by Ponant’s highly trained medical team. This is the 3rd layer of the protective envelope of Paul Gauguin cruises. The "COVID-Safe" area is monitored to ensure the zone is maintained at the highest level of sanitary and safety conditions.

  • Daily medical supervision by Ponant headquarter medical team and doctor & nurse onboard

  • Daily monitoring and diagnostics thanks to the on-board hospital

  • Collection of random samples from areas identified as most sensitive to ensure health control and no Covid-19 presence

  • The ship and company have direct contact, intervention and/or medical advice from organization dedicated to fight against Covid-19 which includes: Marseille’s University Hospital Center, Maritime Medical Consultation Center, and Marseille Firefighters Battalion

  • Strict compliance with the latest rules and protocols from many international health authorities including: CDC, WHO, Ministries of Health and Tourism Organizations

  • A “COVID-Safe” label is being established with recognized partners to uphold the highest standards in the industry

The Guest Journey

Now that you know the 3 shields of protection that Paul Gauguin Cruises is utilizing to protect the health of both passengers and crew, you might be asking what must be done on the guest-side to ensure a safe trip. The chart below explains the steps, you as the guest, must adhere to before boarding, during your cruise vacation, and after disembarking. 100% of guests and crew members are medically checked before boarding.

The Six Key Points of the Protocol

1. On-board hospitals

Paul Gauguin employs the latest generation on-board hospitals with an expert medical team that goes beyond all tourism industry standards. The medical team is composed of at least one doctor and one nurse on each cruise that are trained in the risks and protocols of the novel coronavirus. The on-board hospital is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is capable of increasing medical staff if deemed necessary.

Not only does the Gauguin have a dedicated medical team but it is also equipped with next generation medical equipment for quick diagnostics when in isolated environments. These tests are carried out by mobile laboratory terminals that test infectious diseases on-site, which enables crucial rapid response for contagious or tropical diseases. Each vessel also carries advanced diagnostic equipment for other medical needs such as ultrasound, radiology, and blood analysis for the management of cardiac, respiratory, digestive, or wound treatment.

Two PCR test devices are available on-board which are capable of testing everyone for COVID-19 if deemed necessary. The staff perform regular training and exercises with a medical evacuation plan ready to be deployed at any time for emergency purposes. A separate isolation area is also available at all times for medical emergencies.

2. Goods and Merchandise Boarding

For the safety of all guests and staff, goods and merchandise boarding the Gauguin are strictly controlled through the previously mentioned “Covid-safe” zones. Luggage is passed through a misting or UV disinfection process while food products and supplies are treated by misting, chlorine bath solution, high pressure steam, or peroxide products.

All handling of goods, both on-land and on-board, are in compliance with these health protocols. Only authorized and screened persons are allowed to board the ship and no contact is made with external service providers. A “pre-Covid-safe” zone is maintained between the ship and the port to ensure the sterile environment of the Gauguin. Social distancing, wearing masks and gloves, and systematic disinfection will also apply to the “pre-Covid-safe” zone.

3. Cleaning and Decontamination

Each area of the ship will be constantly and systematically cleaned and decontaminated with Ecolab’s virucidal peroxide (an effective disinfectant that eliminates germs, bacteria, and other biological contaminants). Each guest stateroom is cleaned twice a day, while the common areas are cleaned once a day or as needed. Frequently used objects such as door handles, handrails and some furniture will be cleaned every hour or as needed. Zodiacs and nautical equipment will also be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

4. Clean Air

Fresh and clean air is one of the most important aspects of The Gauguin’s safety protocols. 100% of the air in the staterooms are fresh and not recirculated. Common areas have their ventilated air renewed about 5 times an hour. The ventilation processing units are all equipped with a UV sterilization system that ensures virus removal. The air duct system and ventilation units will be continuously maintained and filters cleaned and disinfected.

5. On-board activities and public space

Social distancing will be enforced in compliance with local health mandates with limited capacity usage for many common areas. The restaurant layout will be redesigned to accommodate social distancing procedures. Breakfast and lunch will have extended time slots and gourmet dining services will depend on the number of guests onboard thus could be limited. Buffets unfortunately will not be offered because of proximity and contact so restaurants will offer contactless “A la Carte Services" instead.

Shore exchanges will be strictly supervised and no boarding will be allowed without prior health checks and screenings. Wearing a mask is mandatory when moving outside your stateroom in accordance with local health instructions. Masks are not required in a static position (theatre, restaurant, sitting positions) but social distancing will still be enforced.

6. On-shore visits

The Gauguin’s “Covid-safe” zone also extends beyond the ship, which means it also includes the transportation to and from land. Land Transports will be regularly checked and disinfected as needed.

Shore visits will only be allowed in regions where the epidemic is under control and in uninhabited areas where no contact will be made with the local population. Masks must be worn 100% of the time while 6 feet social distancing measures are also in-place. Re-boarding the ship can only be done after a temperature check and applying disinfection procedures to individuals and personal belongings.

Paul Gauguin Cruises main goal for all of these safety procedures is to provide guests with the peace of mind of a safe and secure vacation while on-board the Gauguin. PG Cruises is an uniquely small cruise liner that provides the comforts of luxury and intimacy while also going above and beyond with their medical and technological equipment to ensure unprecedented safety protocols. The “Covid-safe” zone is backed by 3 shielded zones applying the 6-key points of safety to preserve and maintain a sanitary environment around the ship.

I hope this article helps you understand the immense work that has been done by Paul Gauguin Cruises for the benefit of keeping vacationers safe. If you haven’t already heard of Paul Gauguin cruises, you might want to check out the top 5 reasons to sail with Paul Gauguin.

They also are offering an unprecedented deal for Hawaii residents during their Fall 2020 cruise season that is not available through their website. If you want more details or are interested in booking, please Contact Us.

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